Monday, August 24, 2015

Choosing the Class 

that Works for You


In this rapidly expanding world of yoga, it can be hard to choose a safe, effective, and enjoyable practice from the sea of  available options.  While there are many teachers who have devoted years or a lifetime to study and practice,  there are others who gain "certification" with only a weekend or week-long training behind them. This distinction can be difficult to discern in an unregulated market.

The good news: As yoga is increasing in popularity, it is also coming of age.  Recent shifts in our understanding of biomechanics, the origins and aims of "classical" practice, and the long-term effects of emphasizing extreme range of motion or unsupported "power" movements have given rise to a much more sophisticated practice of yoga, and one that is, in many cases, more closely aligned to the ancient practices that have been the distant cousins to modern yoga. 

But how to choose a class that works in the short-term and over time? As a student, asking a few key questions can help you to navigate this challenging terrain:

~What are the aims of your teacher and are they a match for your own needs?  (If you are not sure what your teacher is trying to create or achieve for you through the practice, ask! )

~What is your teacher's level of training  and do they allow 
you to feel safe and in good hands?

~How do you feel just after yoga class AND the following day? 
Do you frequently feel exhaustion, injuries, or discomfort arising as the heat of the practice wears off? 

At Shelburne Falls Yoga, we are deeply committed to creating a safe and impactful practice for every age and level of experience.  If you have any questions, I will be happy to discuss any or all of these topics with you.  Please feel free to be in touch and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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