Friday, May 28, 2010

Father's Day Sunday June 20th

Summer Solstice is a universal celebration of the sun's return to enliven growth, change, and refined energy. In this class students will practice uplifting, opening postures and sun salutations to cultivate the free flow of prana in the body and mind. Focusing on pranayama as a base to spring forth, we will move smoothly from posture to posture, exploring the stability of standing and balancing postures and igniting the current within our spines through moderate twists and abdominal exercises to ring out adhesions and unnecessary holds.

During the months of summer, our masculine energy (pingala nadi) is brought to the surface with tides of returning creativity, willfulness, and expanding forms of life-force. This naturally enables us to give in new ways, accomplish goals more acutely, and transform with ease. With this unique pulse now present, it is also appropriate that Father's Day (in all of its masculine expressions) should take place on Summer Solstice. Open to all levels of experience and interest. For Dads, this class is complimentary.
Happy Father’s Day!