Friday, November 1, 2013

How We Grow:

Each time we turn our attention inward, a curious process is initiated.  Our first steps can feel awkward or humble, so simple that it can be easy to miss the landscape that might arise from the first seed of awareness.

We begin with self-observation, the non-judging awareness that forms the soil of our practice.   

With patience and attention, clarity arises, allowing us to see more clearly what is truly happening within us and around us.

This clarity gives rise to courage, which gives us strength to move forward toward an uncertain future regardless of what the outcome might be.

Our courage inspires love, the ability to give selflessly to others with no guarantee and in the face of certain loss.

Love leads us on to grace, a practice of celebrating victories and making room for shortcomings in ourselves and others equally.

And grace may deliver us to wisdom, giving us the tools to choose wisely the paths that serve our highest purpose and the humility to begin again each day.

~Kate Pousont Scarborough, E-RYT 500,
Director, Shelburne Falls Yoga
Co-Founder, Living World Yoga and EARTHjourneys